Sunday, September 07, 2008


Life intervenes, friends and lovers come and go.

A true friend isn't one who remains ever faithful and never leaves your side, but rather someone who can be depended upon to pick up where you left off, years, or even a decade later, with no ill will; even if life calls him or her away from time to time.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It surprises me, the feelings of disgust that bubble up and threaten to spew in a stream of physical matter, at the mere sight of him.

And I realise it is because I hate him. I hate him not because he could not love me, but for his blatant disregard of my feelings, for refusing to talk to me despite my telling him how much that hurt me.

This much I know - I will never forgive him.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Weekdays are the best. When work occupies my thoughts and fills my mind. So that I don't think about anything else - why, what, when, who, how. Because I will never get my answers anyway.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I will never know

There are times when I cannot believe he has chosen to treat me as such. It is not just the inability to comprehend, but of a far simpler desire - of not wanting to believe.

But I have to tell myself, It is true.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Too much Faith

In oneself is not always a good thing.

Don't care

Such sweet relief. And release.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


The connection that I thought we had is lost.

Replaced instead by fear and distrust.

I do not know what you will do next to hurt me.
I do not know what you will say next that will cause me pain.
Intentional or unintentional.

I had not expected to hurt so much. And it scares me. Because it seems even I did not know how much I felt for you.

I am afraid of you.

All I Ask

Is for you to love me.

With all the passion in your heart.
With all the gentleness in your soul.
With all the tenderness in your touch.

And I would be happy.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


She looked down at the broken pieces lying around her feet, and even though she knew it had been unavoidable, still she wished it was not so.

Nothing to say, yet so many things to say. But what is the point when there is no one left to say them to? And no one to say anything to her.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Liquid salt

She had always known it would come to this one day. Even wished for it, perhaps, in her own way. And ticked the events off her list one by one as they unfolded before her eyes like clockwork. And she understood why.

But nevertheless, nothing could numb the pain that visited her that day. A hollow, empty feeling deep in the pit of her stomach.

And the tears flowed.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Not a day had passed without her thinking about him. She thought about him constantly, even though she knew nothing would come out of it.

But she liked thinking about him. Because even if it was just mere thoughts, he was with her.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gold and Silver

I never thought that I could be so satisfied
Every time that I look in your angel eyes
A shock inside me that words just can't describe
And there's no explaining

Something in the way you move I can't deny
Every word from your lips is a lullaby
A twist of fate makes life worthwhile
You are gold and silver.

I said I wasn't gonna lose my head
But then POP! goes my heart
I wasn't gonna fall in love again
But then POP! Goes my heart
And I just can't let you go

I can't lose this feeling
These precious moments, we have so few,
Let's go far away where there's nothing to do but play
You've shown to me that my destiny's with you,
And there's no explaining

Let's fly so high- will you come with me tonight?
In your dress, I confess you're the source of light.
The way you shine under starry skies
You are gold and silver.


A twist of fate makes life worthwhile
You are gold and silver.
I said I wasn't gonna lose my head
But then POP! goes my heart.
I wasn't gonna fall in love again
But then POP! Goes my heart.


Of course I listened to the lyrics,
and of course I smiled.

Sometimes, rarely, there's a moment just before the rain comes, when the wind slowly rises to a crescendo and the leaves begin to be stripped unwillingly off the trees in a gradually enlarging shower of yellow; and there's an almost palpable magic in the air... a fleeting moment of tense expectation, of an almost... longing... for release.

It's the perfect moment for a brisk walk down the riverside; so drab and mundane in the day - and even on a muggy tropical night, dull yellow lights mutely reflecting off the still of lethargic black water - but when the moment arose last night the waters were whipped into a frenzy, and the lights of the Fullerton and Indochine transformed into a myriad shifting fireflies - alive - and breathing.

And I just stopped walking, and missed the feeling of your fingers gripping mine, and your shoulder brushing mine as we walk in that odd loping gait we always assume, side by side.

And then the rain came.

As she said it, her voice broke.
"I don't want to lose him!"

She sniffled a bit.
"What's wrong with me?"

I paused, and thought.
Nothing is wrong with you, except perhaps that you are blind to what is good, and real, and
right there in front of you, and you keep trying to throw it away. And you despair, because you know subconsciously that it is rare, and precious...

I said "nothing is wrong with you...", and thought.
I don't want to lose you.

Unless you should wish to leave; even then I won't want to lose you. But I'll be good. I'll try. The final act of love... is sacrifice.

It's only been a fortnight!
Perhaps this is too precipitous; perhaps I should save the words for a moment of more significance, somewhere in the future;
But somehow, early as it seems, now feels the time.

I've only ever said this (not in so many words) once before, in the aftermath of an unexpected, badly executed and half-thought out breakup. And the words were charged with such different emotions then, as they are now...

but thank you.

for every glance, and glare we have shared,
every smile, every touch,
every moment of love and passion,
and friendship and laughter

every thought exchanged
every jibe and riposte
every mock moment of hatred, and every true moment of love
For every moment we have spent together

I thank you.

It's been a joy, and an honour...
and simply wonderful.

I had forgotten how to hope, in the face of all I have watched, heard, and experienced; I had thought the future too vague and uncertain to think past tomorrow.... too many variables, too much left to chance; too volatile and unpredictable. But if I may be so facetious...

My lady,
my lord
my hero and my love,

I pray we may dance like this... for a lifetime.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


He looked into her eyes.


They smiled.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


They looked at each other over the table.

"So how long have you been crazy?" he said, smiling.

"So how long have you been girly?" she shot back...

It happened quite by accident; somehow she ended up cocking his thumb backwards on itself.

She recoiled, clearly startled; and startling him in return.


She cocked her own thumb back in wonder, and said, "we're made for each other... we're freaks!"

they laughed.

Perhaps the eighth or ninth time they met, when he was just about to ask her if she was really a rep, she asked him if he remembered her product.

He paused for a moment, marvelling at the sheer coincidence of the moment which she would probably never know about.

Of course he remembered. He answered, in his mind : "You're ____, aren't you? And your product is B____, a once monthly _____." (And then he thought, bloody 'ell. I actually remembered all that? But I have the world's most rotten memory!")

Out loud, he said instead, you're the B___ girl, no?

She smiled, clearly impressed.

He couldn't resist...

"I have no idea what it does...?"

She frowned, and he laughed inside himself.

He watched the words appear on screen : Out of point, but I miss you.

His Y chromosome kicked in and he didn't reply, but just smiled at the screen.

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but I miss you too.

Because all that matters is what you believed

I'm not going to turn this into a "hurting you" affair.

My instinctive reaction had been to laugh - derisively, snort - in disbelief, roll my eyes - till it hurt.

I'm not going to hurt you.

But instead I smiled.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Infinity Pool

Have you ever watched the sunrise over the cityscape?

It starts subtly, with a barely perceptible lightening of the horizon...

They watched the sky brighten, and take on a faint, pale blue hue; the water at their feet began to shimmer and glow just a little. And the wind, which had battered them all night began to abate. The buildings slowly shed their cloaks of darkness and turned from black silhouettes into grey shadows.

I wish I could stay here forever, she said, huddling closer into his arms.

He didn't reply, but drew her in a little, and thought - I wish I could hold you close like this, forever.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Dance Macabre

He'd spent most of the night just looking at her eyes, watching the way she animated herself. She was so, so alive, and her eyes, as they held his gaze, were simply breathtaking.

Every now and then she would wink, and old at heart as he was, he always felt a thrill of... something young, and good, and he would laugh.

She was so very, very beautiful.

When they reached her place, he slowed down to pull over.

"You don't have to turn in..." she said, looking at him with those eyes. (coolly-amused but unexpectedly - ie when she wanted them to be - soulfully-expressive almond-shaped eyes)

"I still owe you a killing..." he said, and smiled.

He put his hands around her neck as he'd planned, in a mock-stranglehold, and looked deep into her eyes.

In truth he'd waited for, and wanted for this moment to happen for the longest time - but somehow had felt too shy the previous times they met to actually make it come to be. Oft-times in a past so forgotten now that it felt like another lifetime, he hadn't been too shy; yet those moments had been mere facsimiles of what was about to happen.

He reached out and brushed a stray strand of hair off her face, and said, softly,

"Don't move... a muscle. Don't twitch a hair. I'm memorizing your eyes..."

He'd wondered if - and had rather hoped he would - and now he found himself doing it for real, too easily... he started to drown in her eyes.

"I'll never forget your eyes."


"You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen..."

He'd had half thoughts of ? maybe? reaching over and drawing her to him (in a gentle, yet manly manner.... laugh) and kissing her, or perhaps just saying goodnight and letting her out of the car; he hadn't really thought this bit out...

... what followed was. Unexpected.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Poor Head for Numbers

Perhaps he had always searched for a certain affinity... a certain significance, and perhaps that was why he had always gravitated towards those in his own field, and perhaps why the few abberations that had occurred, he had sought a certain similarity between two souls and minds.

As his eyes met and held hers, holding his; eyes that sparkled with mirth and mischief; playful, rogueish tomboy eyes set in a deceptively delicate, gentle and very feminine face... as he watched, and played with her, just sitting there, it seemed enough, to just sit and watch, for as long as he could; to just be. And play.

And laugh.

No more quests for truth, no more searching for soulmates; just here and now;
just... enough.
Just... forever.

There is a time to meet, and a time to part...

... and a time to be.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Finding Jean

As they turned to go, her slipper fell off with a clatter. It landed flat side down, heel up. She had the good grace to look embarrassed as she groped around the floor with her foot for it..


He scrambled off his bar stool to retrieve it, and knelt down extravagantly to help her become re-shod.

"Cinderella..." he muttered, slipping it back onto her foot flamboyantly.

As he stood up, there was a clatter...

She : "It's almost as if..."

He : "Are you doing that intentionally...?"

They laughed.

She narrowed her eyes a little, as did he.

And then she, a little more. Menacingly

He followed suit.

There was a tense silence, and then they burst out laughing.

I can't see your eyes, she said, in turn mocking him with hers. Roguish.

As he watched her, he knew it would only be a matter of time...

.. before he confessed to having already fallen.

She was... perfect.

He turned slightly as they laughed, and his eyes found hers.

They were so, so beautiful.

Nothing happened for a while, and then they looked away.

He realized, in shock, that he had stayed himself out of something approaching fear, or perhaps (spit) shyness.
It was something old, yet familiar.

Something he had thought lost with age.

And then the moment... slipped away.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Passionate Heart

I recognise you. Because we are the same. Passionate hearts that know no rationale. But while you do not reign over your actions, it is to my emotions that I give free flight. Because it is when we allow ourselves to feel - love, hate, happiness, sadness, joy, fear - freely and beyond the boundaries of sense and sensability, do we truly live.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


It's funny isn't it? How music can stir emotions. How this is our song. How you do not know it, and probably never will.

I cried a river of silent tears then, as I poured my heart out to you. But you chose not to listen. Not then, not ever. But it doesn't matter anymore, does it? Not now, not ever.

I still think of you everytime I hear this song. But I don't miss you anymore.

Friday, February 10, 2006


He seeks me out for comfort these days.

Silently, he appears beside me. He brushes against me. I am here, he says.

And as I stroke him, ever so gently, I can see the frown easing. He closes his eyes, and for those few moments, he is at peace.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


It's dusk. The windows are slightly open, but I don't bother to get up and close them properly. It is with a tinge of sadness that I see the last rays of sun disappear.

It's night. The blinds are half drawn, but I don't bother to get up and draw them fully. It is with a sense of dread that I see that darkness has fallen.

I'm lying in bed, flitting in and out of sleep. I tell myself I have to get up, I have things to do, so many things to do. But I don't move. I don't want to get up and face the things I have to do.

And with each passing moment, the sense of sadness and the sense of dread grows. I don't want to deal with it. So I close my eyes, and allow myself to drift once more to sleep.

Sleep, is where I am free.